About CellRox.

Experienced in the cell phone accessories and repair service business since 2002, we are currently operating Kiosks, Carts and Stores under the name of (Gadget City and at some locations as CellularX) in top Canadian malls.

We have recently changed the name of our business from “’Gadget City and CellularX’’ to ‘’CellRox’’. We will be providing the same products and fine services on which we have built our reputation in the industry but now it will carry more passion and devotion.

Our new name reflects the significant expansion in our business activities since we first began operating as Gadget City. Going forward CellRox will be the cornerstone of our nationwide branding efforts and will bring all of our business divisions under one name.

CellRox is now growing stronger and gaining deep customer trust by offering more and more in demand services and standards, such as:

With the importance of our digital devices growing everyday, Cell Rox kiosk and stores will keep you charged and connected with modern look.